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If Sansa Stark had more than one lady sibling, I would probably be her long lost sister in some remote, wintry kingdom where all the women kind of look like elves from LOTR. 

On a quest (and humbly accomplishing it from time to time) to make stories come alive as an actor, writer and producer.

I gravitate towards narratives in the world of the uncomfortable, the passionate, the strange, the vulnerable and everything futuristic. 

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I'm a long time NYC based actor, writer and producer. Born and raised in Ohio, I got my B.A. in Theatre from The (you have the say "the"; it's a whole thing) Ohio State University, where I mainly focused on theatre movement, playwriting and Meisner training, and continue to do so. 

In spring 2017, I produced my first film, IN/FINITE, a short sci-fi drama which has been screened at multiple festivals within which it has won quite a few awards and secured a distribution deal with Hewes Pictures. Through that deal, we received television placement on a Direct TV channel in regular programming in all of the US and Europe. It was also recently placed on AMAZON Video on Demand to stream and will be available starting July 13, 2018 as a part of the short sci-fi folm anthology "A.I. Tales" starring actors such as Eric Roberts, Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), Neil Jackson (Westworld) and YOURS TRULY.  It will also be in select theaters nationwide, starting      July 13-19 in Los Angeles and coming soon to Chicago and other cities. Keep an eye on my recent news page for updates and info on when you can see me on a TV near you! 


As a playwright, my short plays have been produced in Chicago, San Diego and NYC. My play Rusalka, about protest, LGBT issues in contemporary Russia and Pussy Riot, won the Audience Choice Award at the Fresh Fruit Play Contest in NYC in 2015 and moved on to be a part of the Fresh Fruit Play Festival late that summer.


Mundy delivers a moving and honest performance in IN/FINITE.
— villain media
In/Finite is powerful and poignant, and Mundy is flawless in her role.
I especially liked Lawrence Kao in Seed and Ashlee Mundy in In/Finite, with both bearing the most emotional weight of the bunch.
— thatmomentin
Still from IN/FINITE, On The Plane Productions 2017|| Photo:  Nicholas Galante  

Still from IN/FINITE, On The Plane Productions 2017|| Photo: Nicholas Galante 



I also flex my artistic muscles by designing websites for other actors and artists! To see more, kindly or aggressively click: